Receive online orders, and succeed

The ease and simplicity of online ordering makes it the preferred ordering method for many of your customers.

The Problem

Independent restaurant owners often discover that getting online ordering is too expensive for their shop.

The solution? Pizza Galaxy.

Since 2004 Pizza Galaxy has provided cost effective online ordering services for independent, family owned restaurants. Our service is not only priced for the independent restaurant owner, but also includes features that encourage larger orders and more frequent visits from your customers.

Every shop is different, and we work closely with you to ensure your online ordering menu works exactly the way you want.

Flexible, Powerful and Profitable

Your customers can order online using their PC or Mobile phone.

Orders arrive at your shop by fax, no computer needed. Or we can send orders to your email or web printer.

Customers can pay by cash, credit card or Paypal. Your choice.

Boost Sales, Repeat Orders and Customer Satisfaction

Our online ordering service includes FREE email marketing and a customer loyalty program. Our online specials feature lets you offer daily deals available only on specific days of the week, or introductory deals that can only be used once per customer.

If you own a restaurant and are looking for the perfect online ordering system, fill out this brief form or call us at (203) 230-9662 for an initial consultation.

What do our clients say about Pizza Galaxy's Online Ordering service?

"Your service has been exceptional."

"Your online marketing, and fast menu changes helped online orders become 20% of our business."

  - Geoffrey Loveless, owner, Texas Steak Out, Austin, TX

"I love the system and your support. Keep up the good work."

"I'd say my top benefits are Customer convenience and increased ticket sales."

   - -- Guy Anastasia, owner of Papa's Pizza, San Diego CA

"Online ordering helps keep us profitable in a stagnating economy."

   - Rick Mahlke, New York Pizzeria, Denver, CO

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